How to test Nembutal

How to test Nembutal

How to test Nembutal

How to test Nembutal Powder using the Acid Conversion method (ACT)

How to test Nembutal powder in the form of a soluble salt. When dissolved in water the salt forms a clear alkaline liquid with pH~10. This explains the bitter taste of Nembutal. Where to buy Nembutal online, Can you buy Nembutal online, and Verified Nembutal for sale online?

How to test Nembutal online now, Conversion into the insoluble crystalline form can be achieved by acidifying the solution driving the pH down so that an insoluble precipitate I formed.

If the original salt sample is 100% pure sodium pentobarbital, the weight of the precipitate formed should be 90% of the original(the ratio of the molecular weights of both substances). In other words if one dissolves half a gram of 500mg of 100% pure Nembutal powder, acidifies, separates, dries, and weighs the precipitate, one would expect a weight of 450mg.

The process of testing the Nembutal Powder


  • Scales
  • thermometer
  • heat source
  • Syringe
  • laboratory filter paper
  • white Vinegar
  • tweezers to move items on and off the scales.

Place the scales provided on a flat surface and check the calibration with the 10gm weight included.

Weigh out approximately 500mg (1/2 gram) of Nembutal powder for testing. Record the accurate weight and dissolve the sample in approximately 50 ml of distilled water.

When the sample is fully dissolved, use a syringe from the kit to drip in 5 ml of white vinegar. Note the cloud of white precipitate that forms with each drop. Let the precipitate settle.

Weigh and record the weight of the dry laboratory filter paper provided in the kit. You will then need a small plastic funnel. Fold the paper so that it fits inside the small plastic funnel. Pour the mixture into the funnel so that it drains through the filter paper. To ensure that all the precipitate has been washed into the filter paper, rinse the container containing the mixture using a syringe of distilled water. How to test Nembutal

Repeat the process by adding another 5 ml of vinegar to the clear filtrate. Again let the precipitate that forms settle, then pour through the same filter paper and rinse the precipitate again. Repeat until the further addition of vinegar leads to no visible precipitate. How to test Nembutal

Place the filter paper in an oven set at a low heat of ~100oC, and allow the filter paper to dry. Re-weigh the filter paper plus the dried precipitate. Verified Nembutal for sale online

Calculate the weight of the total precipitate by subtracting the weight of the filter paper.

bitter taste of Nembutal, The % purity of the original Nembutal sample is obtained by: the weight of salt/weight of precipitate x 90.

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How to test Nembutal online, After buying Nembutal online, make sure to do the proper tests. There are a variety of tests you can do to ensure the Nembutal is authentic and 100% pure. We recommend the Acid Conversion Test because it is very simple and straightforward. Send inquiries today and buy Nembutal online.