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We are selling 3 types of Nembutal: Nembutal Liquid solution for sale online, Ordering Nembutal powder for lethal suicide online, Nembutal pills or capsules for sale at a cheaper price, and Nembutal fast delivery in Europe, Nembutal buyers in Europe.

1. Nembutal Liquid.

2. Nembutal Powder. 

3. Nembutal Pills.

All of them are high quality and can be used both for recreational and suicidal ways.

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Nembutal Liquid

How long can Nembutal take to kill you?

There are many varieties of Nembutal on the market. They differ from each other by producing country, purity, quality and etc. We chose to sell a high-quality brand of Nembutal called Penta-Hypnol, which is produced in Peru like any other Liquid Nembutal, officially it’s an injectable form that is produced for animals, but humans can drink it as well. Each 50ml bottle contains 3.2 grams of Pentobarbital Sodium, 2 bottles (100ml) 6.4 grams and etc. The suicidal dose of Pentobarbital Sodium ranges from 12 to 36 grams. Our calculator will help you to adjust the proper dose for you.

Nembutal Powder

Like other forms of Nembutal, we offer high-quality Powder Nembutal as well. For this moment, we have the powder which shows 94% purity on lab tests. This means that if you will buy 12 grams of Powder Nembutal from us, you will have 12.4 grams of pure Nembutal. And the suicidal dose is the same for powder (12-13 grams). That’s why we classified our packages to 12-36 grams: when you will buy 12 grams, you’ll have 12.28 grams of Nembutal, which will be enough for anyone! You can dissolve the Powder in water and drink it like this. Nembutal buyers in Europe

Nembutal Pills

Finally, we have Nembutal pills in stock again. We offer the best quality Nembutal pills. You can order 15 pills for recreational purposes or 30 pills, a suicidal dose for one person. Nembutal pills for sale, Nembutal fast delivery in Europe





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