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    Today we have made it possible for most clients especially those who are bedridden to be able to order Nembutal at the comfort of their bedroom. you can now Buy Nembutal Online, make payment online and have wait for delivery to your doorsteps in less than 1 week. Also, note that our service is legit and discrete and we will never share your information with any third party.

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  • VKmall is a family of top medical practitioners who have come together to fight for Personal Euthanasia. We believe in the freedom and individual right to Live and to take away live. If someone finds this world not pleasing to continue living, That individual should be given the right to a peaceful exit with causing harm to his/her neighbor. If it is that individuals personal will or decision, then it should be respected.

    As a result of this believe, We have put in place all the necessary methods to provide the world with an EXCEPTIONAL drug (NEMBUTAL PENTOBARBITAL). Porpularly Known by many but hardly gotten. We have a clear and straight means of supply and the Nembutal to be taken by each individual must be the Lethal Dose.

    How can you determine your Lethal dose? NEMBUTAL SOLUTION SUPPLIER requires anyone who needs Nembutal to provide your AGE and WEIGHT. With this, Our experts will be able to determine what dose will be lethal for you.

    Where do we ship to?

    We ship to all countries round the world no matter where you are located. We have a globally harmonized system which runs through every continent and tailored to meet up with Clients expectations on time and In good faith with an average cost.

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  • Welcome to VKmall Sanctioned Suicide, a pro-choice forum for the discussion of mental illness, suicide, and the moral implications of the act itself. This is not a pro-suicide site. We do not encourage or aid suicide, and the information offered is for educational purposes only. Read our rules and FAQ for more information. We also offer a recovery subforum if you wish to get support.

    We always ship the Nembutal With Anti-emetic Drugs which you take before drinking the Nembutal to avoid vomiting. This drug we give free off charge.

    Is Nembutal Really Peaceful and No pain is felt?

    Nembutal Is the Most excellent and Peaceful / Painless Drug for Euthanasia so We advice any person willing to commit a peaceful suicide to Order Nembutal In any of its forms.

    Which is the best Form Of Nembutal To buy?

    The various forms of Nembutal are


    The following are some key things to consider if contemplating a suicide by drug poisoning:

    Select a drug that has a statistically high chance of success of achieving death. The tables of drug related deaths will provide guidance. Nembutal is known for being one of the most reliable, swift and painless drugs.

    Check the expiry/use by dates of the drugs being used. Drugs will often be effective for long after their expiry date, which is typically two to three years. They may still be effective 10 years after purchase, but much depends on how they are stored. For drugs well past their expiry, where the drug is the principal means of suicide, testing of the drug’s potency would be sensible (although testing kits may be hard to source).

    Ascertain the minimum lethal dose, and add an extra margin. Consider the effects of tolerance on the required MLD if relevant.

    Consider taking the drugs with alcohol, and/or other drugs. Alcohol increases the toxicity of barbiturates, so this might be particularly important if taking a barbiturate at the lower end of minimum lethal dose estimates. It would be unwise to drink such a significant quantity of alcohol that it increases the risk of vomiting. If drinking a bitter tasting liquid, it is often best to down the liquid as quickly as possibly, then have an alcoholic drink to remove the bitter aftertaste.

    The vast majority of attempts at suicide by drug overdose alone fail. Use of a plastic bag (see Plastic bag & drugs) significantly increases the chances of success if the dosage of drugs itself is not lethal.

    Although drug absorption is best on an empty stomach, many drugs, taken in lethal amounts, are intensely bitter. To try and reduce the chances of vomiting eat a snack, like toast and a cup of tea (not a meal), 40 – 60 mins before taking the drugs. It is also worth taking up to four anti nausea tablets before drug ingestion, or perhaps better, taking them in their standard dose for around two days beforehand.

    Travel sickness tablets are said to have limited effect. Better is hyoscine, promethazine, cinnarizine and cyclizine which are commonly available, although whether a prescription is needed varies from country to country. Domperidone (trade names Motilium, Motillium, Motinorm and Costi), Metoclopramide (sold as Reglan in the USA, Maxalon in the UK and Pramin and other names worldwide) and Prochlorperazine (sold as Compazine, Stemzine, Buccastem, Stemetil and Phenotil) are prescription only drugs.

    Vomiting is a very real risk when taking high drug doses, and vomiting when semi conscious may mean that death occurs via choking which is likely to be distressing and unpleasant. Very far from a peaceful death. Further information on anti-sickness regimens can be found on the new Alt Suicide website. It is possible to source prescription drugs without a prescription from some online pharmacies, but to find a reliable source would really require a recommendation from someone on a forum.

    Unless the drugs are in liquid form, grind/crush any pills down to a powder, or if the drug is contained in gelatine capsules, remove all the capsules. This is so they can be taken quickly. Without doing this pills may clump together in the stomach preventing them being absorbed quickly, and increasing the chances of vomiting.

    Note that the drugs might taste extremely bitter (Nembutal is known for this, and 100ml or more might need to be taken). If the drugs are not in liquid form to start with, it is worth considering dissolving the drugs in something that can be ingested quickly, to ensure that unconsciousness does not start before all the drugs are ingested. Possibilities are to mix them with an alcoholic drink, a strong tasting hot drink (that is then cool enough to drink very quickly), mixing it with milk, fruit/yogurt smoothie or melted ice cream. Bear in mind that whatever the drugs are dissolved in may still taste quite bitter, so ideally keep the quantity of whatever needs to be ingested small enough to be downed quickly. It may be better to have a smaller amount of bitter liquid than a larger amount of only slightly less bitter liquid.

    Ensure the entire dose is ingested quickly (ideally within a couple of minutes). Passing out before the MLD is ingested is a sure way to fail.

    Be somewhere where being discovered is not likely for a number of hours. Interruption may end up with the attempt being survived, but with serious health implications like brain or organ damage. Be aware that the body, depending on the precise drugs and method used, may suffer from convulsions and seizures, so it is important that any noise will not cause alarm from anyone nearby who may try to interrupt the attempt.

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  • The question of Safety of buying Nembutal Online have been a hitted Issue frequently faced with the bulk of Clients we have. What should be understood is that, There are countries where the substance is CONTROLLED e.g USA, UK, CANADA,SPAIN,GERMANY,SWITZERLAND,POLAND etc. While in some other Countries, It is banned. In countries where it is controlled, We ship with a Legit MEDICAL PRESCRIPTION and For countries where it is banned, We Do what is know as “SUPER SECURED SYSTEM PACKAGING (SSSP)” With no content revelation or disclose of Identity. This goes a long way to ensure safe delivery to every country and have accounted for our Long period of Success in supplying NEMBUTAL PENTOBARBITAL.

    Is There Any Money Back Guarantee?

    YES. after completing a successful order with us, You should receive a tracking code when parcel have been registered with a reputable courier (UPS, FedEx, EMS, DHL). In the situation of Lost of Parcel, We do a refund within 42 hours (2 Business days) without any hesitation. If the Clients wants a re-ship, we cover everything and re-ship within 24 hours.

    For Clients who receive package and for one reason or the Order do not intend to proceed with their plan of a peaceful Euthanasia, We appreciate that, You email us back through and notify us of the situation. We will arrange for you to send back the package while we give 4/5 of the Total Amount you paid for the product.

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  • Need to Know about Buying Nembutal Online

    For legal reasons, Exit does not and never has dealt with scammers. If anyone tells you otherwise, you can be sure you are dealing with a scammer.
    Scam sites change all the time, especially given people’s desperation in this time of Covid-19.
    Scammers also now use social media such as FB, Whats App, Blogs, iTunes & Amazon gift cards & so on … Vkmall is the top legit suppliers of Nembutal oral, capsules and powder solution.
    The sources listed below were correct at time of publication. This is not to say they are correct on the day you are reading this information. Be warned. Never you trust any sites saying they supply Nembutal Because we are the number one vendors of Nembutal with legal license to ship becuase we own a horse farm.


    Have You Wonde­red Where Nembu­tal Pento­barbi­tal Sodium Solution Can be Found Online? Did you get ill luck trying to Order this product online? THERE IS HOPE and You can Find that Hope Only With vkmall.store

    As a resul­t of this belie­ve, We have put in place all the neces­sary metho­ds to provi­de the world with an EXCEP­TIONA­L drug (NEMB­UTAL PENTO­BARBI­TAL). Porpu­larly Known by many but hardl­y gotte­n. We have a clear and strai­ght means of suppl­y and the Nembu­tal to be taken by each indiv­idual must be the Letha­l Dose.­

    H­ow can you deter­mine your Letha­l dose? NEMBU­TAL SOLUT­ION SUPPL­IER GROUP requi­res anyon­e who needs Nembu­tal to provi­de your AGE and WEIGH­T. With this, Our exper­ts will be able to deter­mine what dose will be letha­l for you.

    Whe­re do we ship to?
    We ship to all count­ries round the world no matte­r where you are locat­ed. We have a globa­lly harmo­nized syste­m which runs throu­gh every conti­nent and tailo­red to meet up with Clien­ts expec­tatio­ns on time and In good faith with an avera­ge cost.­

    W­hich Count­ries can get Overn­ight deliv­ery of Nembu­tal after Order is Place­d and Payme­nt compl­eted?­

    T­he follo­wing Count­ries get overn­ight / Next day deliv­ery which takes a maxim­um of 36 hours for deliv­ery to be effec­ted.

    Pentobarbital has been used or considered as a substitute for other drugs traditionally used for capital punishment in the United States when they are in short supply. Such use however is illegal under Danish law…

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