How to commit suicide with Nembutal?

How to commit suicide with Nembutal?

How to commit suicide with Nembutal

How to commit suicide with Nembutal?

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How long will it take you to die from Nembutal?

According to experiences in the Netherlands, people have observed that taking a 100ml Nembutal bottle will generally cause death within two hours.  Most people who have ended their life using Nembutal have died within 30 minutes of taking the drug.

There are many factors that affect the time you take to die. We have highlighted some below:

  • The lethality and quality of Nembutal – the more lethal the Nembutal dosage is, the faster the death. In fact, you should always ensure that you are taking pure Nembutal when taking it for suicide. This will save you from the pain and suffering that comes with a backfired suicide attempt.
  • The weight and health of the victim – studies show that victims who weigh more and are strong are likely to take longer to die compared to the sickly and underweight.
  • Method of administration – a vein injection is likely to be faster since Nembutal is introduced directly to the blood. However, most methods are quick.
  • If taking Nembutal orally, a full stomach might slow down the process. It is always advised you take Nembutal before eating. Additionally, it is easier to vomit on a full stomach. However, Nembutal is extremely bitter so you can take a snack to reduce throwing out.

When taking Nembutal to die, it is always advisable to take a higher amount of the drug. If you think 10 grams is enough for you, you can take 15 grams to ensure that you do not survive.

One brand name for this drug is Nembutal, best known as the only injectable form of pentobarbital used for executions of convicted criminals (USA) and for euthanasia of humans (high dose) and animals.

Purchasing Nembutal Online

In Australia, it is illegal (import or possess) to purchase any form of Nembutal.

There are many reports of internet scams from Australians who have lost hundreds of dollars trying to buy Nembutal online.

There are also major concerns about the quality of products coming from countries like China and Mexico.

The ‘best’ death

In Australia, Nembutal and secobarbital can be used for animals, but are illegal for human use. This makes implementation of the newly proposed euthanasia law in Victoria slightly more difficult. The proposed legislation does not seek to legalize the use of Nembutal and its relatives – but suggests a “drug cocktail” be concocted by a compounding pharmacist.

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