Flying to Thailand to buy Nembutal

Flying to Thailand to buy Nembutal

Flying to Thailand to buy Nembutal

Flying to Thailand to buy Nembutal

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Flying to Thailand to order Nembutal

People are Flying to Thailand to buy Nembutal for use in euthanasia.

Many terminally ill and elderly Australians who want to end their lives are flying to Thailand as the country becomes the new destination of choice for buying euthanasia drugs otherwise known as Nembutal.

Less expensive flights and the ease of obtaining the preferred suicide drug Nembutal from veterinary clinics in Bangkok have made many choose Thailand over Mexico or Peru. Thailand is also very safe compared to Mexico with gang violence and kidnappings.

Buying the illicit barbiturate has become so common that one Thai vet supply shop reportedly has a sign in the window that reads: “Welcome Australians buying vet supplies.”

In 2016 more than 300 sick or elderly West Australians contacted us wanting information on where and how to buy Nembutal, which kills in 30 minutes. The drug is so very effective, peaceful, and painless with no side effects.

Can I really buy Nembutal in Thailand?

Nembutal is available in Thailand and we got this information from the advice of people who have visited the country. We run a community and so share information regularly on the best place to buy Nembutal or any other euthanasia drug.

So far over 200 of our members have been successful in buying Nembutal from Thailand and more will visit the country in the coming months. Accurate reports show that there are more than 6 pharmacies in Bangkok Thailand where you can successfully purchase Nembutal.

Our Remarks

Thailand is looking pretty good. It’s easier and cheaper to buy Nembutal there than in Mexico or Peru, which are the other two countries where people can readily get it.

Unless Voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide are legalized, we are forcing ordinary people who just want to die with dignity to become drug traffickers and risk a lengthy jail sentence.

Some have been forced to use other methods of suicide which are inhumane and very painful. We believe it is the fundamental right of everyone to make a decision as to when and where they end their life.

How to get Nembutal if you can’t fly to Thailand

If you are too sick to move or don’t have money to fly to Thailand, then you can simply buy Nembutal online by contacting us. We have a list of vendors in the USA and Australia who are ready to ship anywhere in the world. The delivery is 100% guaranteed and takes a maximum of 5 working days.